The Fifteen Pillars

The following fifteen points are the pillars on which the future powerful and victorious Armenian State should be built. All pillars complement each other and one pillar without the other cannot hold the structure upright. The ideological foundation must be firmly built and the vision clear as water for the movement to become unconquerable.

For further details read Hosank's Manifesto "Our Struggle"

Pillar 1

Independent Statehood

     Armenia's sovereignty and independence must be preserved at all costs. We must never compromise this by becoming a colony or just some transit country for a superpower. Our goal is the consolidation of the Armenian Nation into a powerful Armenian State, which in the future will include the entirety of Artsakh and all our other historical lands. However, the preservation of our independent Statehood is not so much a goal, as it is the best means by which we can guarantee the continued existence and development of our Nation and Fatherland.

Pillar 2

Citizenship and National Preservation

     The fundamental wealth for an independent state is a decent citizen who has a great sense of personal responsibility towards his or her state. Every citizen is also a part and representative of the state, therefore, only those with Armenian-Aryan blood can be a full citizen of the Armenian State.  The correct procedure for granting citizenship is extremely important and is the basis of Armenian national preservation, because it determines the level of purity of our blood, which in turn determines the demographics of our Fatherland. Therefore, one of our slogans is "Armenia for Armenians", that is, the vast majority of Armenia will consist of Armenians, and the Statehood of Armenia will primarily serve the interests of the Armenian Nation. This does not mean at all that there will be hostility towards the integrated minorities living in Armenia, such as the Kurds or Yezidis living in Armenian society. They will continue to be full citizens of Armenia. We respect and support other White (European/Aryan) minorities living in Armenia. They can continue to live in Armenia and become citizens if they swear allegiance to Armenia and the Armenian State, thereby making their service in the Armenian Armed Forces mandatory for obtaining citizenship.  However, non-Whites can only come to Armenia as temporary guests and follow the laws set for foreigners. Exceptional non-Whites who have greatly benefited our State or acted heroically for our Fatherland will become honorary citizens and will have the right to live in Armenia with their families. Those who were not born in Armenia, but meet all these qualifications, must have lived in Armenia for at least five years before receiving citizenship.

Pillar 3

Spiritual Worldview

     Any political movement must have a strong ideology and spiritual worldview in order to succeed and have long-term positive results. We believe that Racialism is exactly that ideology, of which we are the unconditional bearers and believers of. The political movement that has only material foundations and is devoid of spirituality is condemned to fail, because our, so to speak, material reality derives from our inner spiritual world. We also believe that the unity and solidarity of our Nation can only be cemented by the ideas of Racialism.

Pillar 4

Form of Government

     In the Racialist State that we envision, we must simultaneously have such a system of governance that will keep our Nation free from the threats of tyranny and mob rule, but at the same time be firm and capable to manage the State properly. Therefore, we propose a new system of government – Arkayapetutyun, which essentially means a state consisting of arkas (leaders) and their supreme leader – Arka, which can evidently be considered a combination of a meritocracy and constitutional monarchy. The Arka will be elected by the minority of citizens who have the privilege to participate in the elections, and the Arka can also appoint his arkas who have leadership skills from the National Assembly, where, instead of numerous political parties, there will be independent senators who will represent the different classes and professions of our society. Everyone, from the common citizen to the Arka, must obey the laws of the National Constitution that will solely be in the interests of the Fatherland.

Pillar 5

Banking and Financial System

     The economy is the indicator of the country's industriousness and nation's productivity, and is directly related to the banking and financial system operating in the country. It is impossible to have a stable and developing economy if we have a corrupt banking and financial system, like we have today. Therefore, we condemn the usurious banking and financial system robbing the Fatherland, due to which the international financial hyenas, like parasites, are slowly draining our country and keeping our State and citizens drowning in debt. Therefore, usury should be prohibited by the Constitution, and those involved in usury should be severely punished. The Armenian National State Bank should be established and controlled by the National State. We will not hand over the natural resources of our country in exchange for international debts and the looting that is taking place will come to an end. Only the Armenian National Bank will have exclusive rights to create money, which will be intended for circulation, and the money in circulation will be equal to the combination of the production potential and labor efforts of the Armenian Nation. The parameters included in this calculation will be completely transparent to the people. Our monetary system would work on a completely different principle, where our nation's currency or paper money would have a value not tied directly to gold or other precious metals, as in countries using the "gold standard," but to labor, thus effectively applying the "work standard" concept, which is the best way to have a fair and prosperous economy.

Pillar 6

Political-Economic System

     For our political-economic system, we prefer National Socialism, while rejecting the nation-destroying capitalism and communism (Marxist socialism), both of which are two different sides of the same coin created by our enemies. It will not be prohibited to own and develop private property, but only an Armenian citizen can own private property in Armenia. At the same time, productive enterprise will be established, creating an atmosphere of innovation, which will encourage entrepreneurship and productivity. In the National Socialist system, instead of giving equal results, all citizens will be given equal opportunities to develop, thanks to which the hardworking people will advance and prosper in our society, while the lazy and unproductive people will not. Only in such a system can all people and classes live in harmony with each other. The political and economic principles of National Socialism already exist in Racialism and cannot be separated from each other. In other words, National Socialism is the political-economic part of Racialism.

Pillar 7

Industry and Agriculture

    In order to be truly independent and self-sufficient, our country must have a powerful and comprehensive industry and a flourishing agriculture. Therefore, starting with small steps, we should bring our industry to the level so that all necessary items are produced in Armenia with high quality, and bring our agriculture to the level so that we can easily feed our national population with the food we grow. This is necessary to have a prosperous economy, which will be as independent as possible from other countries, foreign investments and other circumstances.

Pillar 8

Science and Technology

     The development of science and technology is of paramount importance to Armenia in this modern age and is crucial for our security and prosperity. We will have to create a whole new science, so that we can not only compete and exceed our rivals and enemies, but also be able to show our creativity and genius to all mankind. We are determined to make Armenia the center of science on this planet.

Pillar 9

Education and Media

     Education and the media should have the duty to educate and convey the truth to our national population, while also maintaining a disciplinary role. If we want to educate and raise a completely new nationalist generation, the media and education system, which will be based exclusively on nationalist ideas, must be controlled by the National State, and all direct and indirect propaganda that is harmful to our Nation, especially the youth, will be banned, while all propaganda supporting the progress of the Nation will be promoted.

Pillar 10


     Culture is the identity of the Nation, the outward expression of the inner spiritual nature of the Nation, which we must preserve and protect from all kinds of anti-national degradation. Culture is also an objective indicator of the society’s condition. Therefore, our movement will initiate a very important action to cleanse the Armenian culture - language, art, literature, song, dance and architecture - of all foreign, abominable influences. Only by nationalizing and beautifying our culture can we respect, love and value it like something holy.

Pillar 11

Healthcare and Environmentalism

      We cannot have a healthy Nation if, naturally, we do not have healthy kinsmen, therefore, in addition to providing free medicine, our health care system must be revolutionized, making it mandatory for medical professionals to study natural treatments and remedies. The education system and the National State Media will have to teach and promote a healthy lifestyle, particularly the importance of good nutrition and exercise in order to prevent diseases and even cure existing ones. The State will also provide tax subsidies for the production of plant-based healthy food, so that it will be accessible and affordable for everyone. We cannot have a beautiful and green country if we do not, as much as possible, heal the damages we have caused to nature by transforming our entire approach to the natural world and wildlife. This also means that the exploitation of the mines will be stopped immediately, especially if it brings profit to the oligarchs and foreign companies. We have no right to show disrespect to nature and wildlife by carelessly and ignorantly defiling it, because nature is the temple of the Creator, of which we are all an integral part.

Pillar 12

Armed Forces and Nation-Army

    Our efforts to build a strong state and a prosperous society will be meaningless if we cannot protect them. Therefore, we are well aware that the number one guarantor of our Statehood and the security of our Fatherland is the Armenian Armed Forces, and for a small Nation surrounded by enemies like us, becoming a Nation-Army is a necessity for survival. Therefore, our entire army should be modernized through the military industry, and compulsory military service should not only be maintained, but also become stricter, while simultaneously improving the service conditions of soldiers in military bases and outposts. However, in order to have a victorious Armed Forces, there must be an adequate civilian population backing it, therefore, our culture and society must be militarized, turning Armenia into an impregnable fortress, a modern day "Sparta", whose citizens will be raised from birth with a militaristic mentality, receiving military experience and being ready for battle at any instant. Armenia, for its size and population, should strive to become the most militarized country in the world. There is no other way to ensure the existence of our Nation and preserve our independence. This is the only way to enforce lasting peace.

Pillar 13

Our Enemies and Their Agenda

     The enemies of Armenia and the Armenian Nation are the pan-Turkists, the international Zionists, their supporters and all the traitors collaborating with them. Our enemies are also the Marxists, feminists, anarchists, and other destructive forces supported by Zionism, who all together want, directly or indirectly, to destroy the Aryan race and create their anti-national New World Order, which will mean the end of our beautiful blue planet. Therefore, our State must neutralize all sects, secret organizations, foreign agency networks, non-governmental organizations and political groups serving the enemy's agenda by acting against the interests of our Nation.

Pillar 14


     We think it would be absurd for any Armenian government not to cooperate with Diaspora Armenians. We are ready not only to use this potential for the sake of Armenia, but also by creating favorable conditions in our country, to start a great repatriation, slowly returning our decent compatriots living in the Diaspora back to their Fatherland. We realize that the Armenian Diaspora is temporary, because an Armenian can preserve his identity and remain Armenian only by living on the land of his forefathers. We must save our decent compatriots living in foreign countries from assimilation while we still have a chance.

Pillar 15

Foreign Diplomacy

     We believe that a correct foreign diplomacy will automatically follow from a correct domestic policy, because one is a mirror of the other. In this world, and especially for our struggle, we certainly need allies whose interests really coincide with the interests of our Fatherland. That is the reason why we should conduct our foreign diplomacy with a completely new approach. a new approach that is appropriate for the new era. Our movement is not only a Pan-Armenian movement, but also a Pan-Aryan movement, the goal of which is to create a Pan-Aryan military-political alliance with other Aryan nations, while simultaneously strengthening our independence. We believe that a real and long-lasting alliance can be created only on the basis of common racial interests. Only by creating such an alliance can we successfully impede the Pan-Turkish and international Zionist global threat, which poses a great danger to the Armenian Nation and the entire Aryan race. However, with a sensible mind, we will conduct reasonable and flexible diplomacy, always thinking several steps ahead and doing all the calculations before acting.


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