Our Purpose Is the Creators Purpose

    Every nation has their fatal moment in history, and we believe that the Armenian nation is living in its most dangerous time. Almost all current events show us that Armenia, as a strong and sovereign state, has never been a part of the anti-Aryan ‘New World Order’. Armenia has always posed an obstacle for such forces in almost every regard. We saw the international communities lack of meaningful reaction during the 44-day conspiratorial war of 2020, when Artsakh was left alone against the whole world and was put on the Pan-Turkish and Judeo- Masonic sacrificial altar. It is obvious to us that the plot against Artsakh was a direct plot against the Armenian state - the intention of the involved parties being the completion of the Armenian Genocide. That is why after breaking our backs, they have targeted our spine – the province of Syunik.

    In addition to external threats, there are countless internal problems such as a corrupt governmental and banking system, treasonous anti-Armenian authorities, a temporarily paralyzed army, and more than a hundred political parties and organizations who now divide and confuse the nation more than ever. Most of them are filled with foreign agents and almost all of them serve foreign interests, and those who don’t often give meaningless calls for unity without representing anything meaningful themselves. This is the cause of the current embarrassing political turmoil and the reason why none of these political parties or organizations instill trust in the masses. The amount of widespread obsequious flattery in our political field is either for profit or in order to advance their personal interests, and this is unacceptable to us. It is repulsive, that in our political arena there are many pro-West liberals and pro-Soviet communists in a “nationalist” disguise, who mislead people from the truth and true nationalism.

  All these reasons understandably cause a great deal of disappointment and despair for many decent patriots. But neither the Russians nor the Anglo-Saxons are to blame here - not even are our archenemies. We are to blame for all of our current shortcomings and problems. We need to bear this crucial responsibility so that we can find the strength to solve those problems ourselves. Many people believe that it isn’t possible for us to become strong or reassert ourselves again, and that’s why it is pointless to try and do anything. The belief is that from this follows indifference and emigration, both of which are taking the Fatherland to ruin, but we believe that as long as the Armenian nation is still alive and breathing, we can get back on our feet if we have the determined will to do so. The Armenian nation has repeatedly showed the world that when they are united and put hope only in themselves that they are unbeatable. Nobody negotiates with a kneeling nation - nobody supports a beggar and nobody is going to fight our fight for us. Finding strength within ourselves, we must stand up and become great again and then look for allies, not the other way around. If we want allies, we must first become strong, because the weak have no friends in this world. We do not doubt the potential of our nation. We understand that the soul of the race is temporarily impaired, but that will not last for long. The soul of the race will sooner or later awake and make the whole world tremble. If we were once a superpower in the ancient past, then within our genes we have the potential to become one once again. We are certain that our Commander believed that as well, when he said ‘The 21 st century will undoubtedly be ours.’

    The blood of Hayk Nahapet, Argishti, Tigran the Great, Vardan Mamikonyan, Ashot Yerkat, Davit Bek, Andranik and Monte is still flowing in our veins. The courageous deeds of all the heroes of our past still continue to inspire and encourage us to continue their work for the sake of our future generations.

     Hostile international forces, no matter how much they try, cannot divide us if we have a unified ideological current. If our dream is not just a vague ambition, and if we are absolutely determined to make it come true, then there is nothing that can stop us.

  In any case, we must have a good understanding of our problems which are not unique to the political sphere but are pervasive throughout our whole society. Political problems are just a reflection of the problems in our spiritual world. The macrocosm is a direct reflection of the microcosm. That is why every political movement which seeks the nation must first have a spiritual basis based on exact sciences. We do not believe that the spiritual and scientific ideas are mutually exclusive, a belief which has sown enmity between scientists and spiritual men for centuries, but rather we are convinced that they complement each other very well.

Fortunately, our heroic ancestors, such as Garegin Nzhdeh and Hayk Asatryan founded for us Armenian racialism – the creed of blood and soil, which is exactly the spiritual basis that will serve us as a medicine and a compass for our worldview. Therefore we are obligated to turn their ideas into a fighting movement.

  We have not lived, fought and shed blood for five thousand years against the hordes of humanity, so that a Turk-loving anti-Armenian cult would come and destroy our country from within whilst turning the last page of our history. We will send all traitors, opportunistic scoundrels, crooks and all of their servants straight to hell. We must cleanse our palace, just as Odysseus cleansed his palace three thousand years ago. We must cleanse the Fatherland of all cults, secret societies, political parties and organizations which serve foreign interests. We realize that all that has been done against us for centuries will have a powerful reaction, as the third law of mechanics tells us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Now due to the flood of misinformation, there is confusion, division and chaos more than ever. These seeds have been sown long ago, we are just reaping them now. The solution and reaction to this phenomenon is a movement in a single direction aka current (“hosank” in Armenian), which is a necessary precondition for unity. Without this movement there can be no public or political consolidation. If the nation’s intelligentsia is put on the ideologically right path, unity will happen naturally and the masses will follow. The mission of Hosank is to put the nation on that right path by preaching and setting a personal example. Hosank is without a doubt a pan- Armenian, pan-Aryan Racialist (Ցեղակրոն) movement whose obvious enemies are the Turks, international Zionists, Marxists and all the spineless maggots who collaborate with them - and this manifesto is the manifesto of every Armenian Racialist.

  Hosank rejects the fake and nation-wrecking democratic system that we have now, which puts the fate of the country in the hands in the ignorant lemmings in society and the puppet politicians in government. That is why our Fatherland has turned into a political circus. Democracy is a weak and degraded immune system for a government that can easily be infected with various human “viruses”. In this modern information age, democracy is not only a sham and a fraud, but it is an unmitigated disaster that is leading our whole race and civilization to complete and final oblivion. It is just a dictatorship in disguise which gives people the illusion of freedom. We prefer an “Arkayapetutyun” (leadership-government) which will consist of not only decent and intelligent people, but also those who have strong leadership skills. For a state and society to function properly it is necessary to have leaders (“arkas” in Armenian) and not just bosses or officials who simply sign papers and pass laws. In every sphere of life, there is to be a leader - an arka, with absolute power to govern in his field, and at the summit of the hierarchy is the supreme Arka – the authority from which all power flows. This model is wholly in line with the laws of nature, because leaders are chosen by the very laws of nature. This way we will have a government of action and not a government of talk and false promises. A government that puts the interests of the nation above everything else. The people will only respect, trust, like and eventually follow a government that consists of real leaders.

  No country or superpower has the right to preach us freedom and peace, because Armenian history has proved to everyone that there is no one more freedom-loving and peace- loving than the Armenian nation. But peace can only be imposed, not begged. We have no right to even talk about peace if we are not ready for war. We can impose peace only if we become a nation-army, raised from birth with a military mindset. If we really value peace, we cannot ignore this reality, because only with a strong Armenia is it possible to establish peace and stability in this region. In any country, especially in a country at war such as ours, desertion must be condemned and considered treason and deserters must not be able to hold their heads up high. In the future Aryan state, serving in the army will be considered a real baptism – the most important process of turning a boy into a man. In order to have a nation-army, we must have ready soldiers in reserve, who will be called up for military training a few times a year for a couple of weeks. We should not rely only on the heroic spirit of the Armenian soldier, although that is what has often saved us many times in our history. Preparedness will bring forth readiness and the readiness of our troops should not only be of a defensive nature. Future Armenian warriors must also be prepared for offensive operations, because the best defense is a good offense. Everyone from the young to the old and for extreme cases even all women must be ready for battle or have at least some military skills and experience. The more we sweat in times of peace, the less we will bleed in times of war. Armenia must become an impregnable fortress, a modern day ‘Sparta’, because we are convinced that there is no other way to survive and flourish in this region, which is the most dangerous crossroads in the whole world. All young Armenian men through a healthy lifestyle, must become tough as leather and hard as steel. Campaigns should be launched against the use of alcohol, smoking and other harmful habits that destroy the health of the nation, because a healthy nation must consist of healthy individuals.

    The future Armenian youth will civilize their minds, but make savage their bodies. Strengthening of the body is a necessity because in so doing we indirectly strengthen the soul. We will teach them the importance of being a warrior, because it is better to be a warrior in a garden, than to be a gardener in a war. Armenian salvation can only be won with weapons - that is why we cannot oppose the right to bear arms and we believe that in the future Armenian-Aryan state all decent and healthy citizens, especially those living on the border, will have their own personal weapons. Without militarizing the whole nation, we cannot have a nation-army. We are against pro-Turkish sentiments and against the Turkification of Armenia and if we want to keep our independence by not letting our country turn into a Turkish or Russian province, then we have no other choice than to become a nation-army. That is the only way and the only guarantee to remain Armenian. Serving for the glory of the Fatherland should be the greatest honor in the heart of every future Armenian. Thus, we can create a generation of devoted martyrs who will not only be able to finally solve the Artsakh problem once and for all by completely uniting Artsakh with Armenia, but will also be able to realize the greatest dream of every pure blooded Armenian – the revival of Greater Armenia. 

To realize this dream, of course we must think in a sober and logical way to consider our current resources. Naturally, quantity is our enemy in this case because an Aryan nation of three million is surrounded by a hundred million anti-Armenian Asiatic Turks. In order to balance this situation, we need to emphasize the advancement of science in Armenia more than ever. The world is facing a major energy crisis and we should not pursue attaining these old technologies, because in so doing we will not reach anywhere and continue to fall behind. If we want a rapid unprecedented growth, then we Armenians must create a whole new science. We must create our own domestic and unique scientific research facilities to advance scientific discoveries within our own borders. Just as our ancestors thousands of years ago discovered iron, created the wheel and chariot and with those surpassed other nations, so to in this modern age we must create a new means of obtaining energy and creating weapons which may work on entirely different principles. Only then will we be able to surpass other nations in this technological race, therefore, the state must provide for and support scientists and engineers in such a way where not even the thought of emigrating enters their minds.

    In order to have a progressive leap in science, we must first ensure food security of our nation and we can do that only if Armenia is able to feed its population with domestic produce, without the need to import any food from abroad. This requires we revolutionize agriculture by focusing on agriculture and veganic farming and not on animal agriculture. We are convinced that by taking the right steps in this area, we will be able to easily feed our entire population, even with our current land area, without the lack of food. The level of hunger in our country is nonsense, when we have fertile lands, wonderful nature and unemployed people who are ready to work. Famine in paradise is not possible if agriculture is put on the right path.

    The worker and the farmer will always be the pillars of our Fatherland and the backbone of the Armenian soldier protecting our borders, therefore, it is the duty of the state to provide and support the workers and the farmers in various issues. Yes, without scientists humanity won’t progress as far, but humanity won’t exist at all without the worker and the farmer. In order to have a progressive and developing agriculture, we must first change our general attitude towards nature, wildlife and animals in general. With environmental views we must keep our nature and ecosystem as clean as possible. We strive to see a greener and cleaner world, but we must not get carried away by “feminine” altruism, showing illogical compassion to the detriment of our race. We are advocates of “masculine” altruism, by which we can, without compromising and pursuing the interest of our own race, show compassion for animals, nature and as well as towards the other races of mankind, so long as they aren’t enemies of our race. The ‘masculine’ altruist first and foremost is concerned with the preservation and reproduction of the world’s most valuable life forms, without harming Mother Nature’s other creatures. We must not allow an alien tribe of manipulators to use the tolerance and altruism of our race against us. Vigilance must always be maintained, because the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

     In this world the strong survive and prosper, not the ones who are just, but that does not mean that the strong should be unjust or evil. On the contrary, the good and the just in this world are the strongest and the bravest. 

For us, the love towards our nation is paramount and provides us with the most inspiration, but we realize that the Creator has given us the ability to hate for a reason. Love is generally the most beautiful emotion in this world, but without fierce hatred towards all those who threaten everything we love, then love is an empty word, a catchphrase for hippies and cowards. However, we must not allow that hatred and anger to blind or destroy us but rather we must use it as fuel to achieve the right goal, just as we use the heater to heat the home instead of burning it down.

    In any case, we reject evil considering it an unnatural phenomenon deviating from nature. It is not the evil of our times which is disturbing and horrifying, but the fact that we not only tolerate it, but with our naivety and shortsightedness we also defend and even worship that same evil. The more we tolerate, defend and worship evil, the more we become enablers of evil ourselves. Therefore, injustice and evil must be punished at all costs because if not punished, injustice and evil will continue and spread relentlessly without end. With this comes one of our moral principles; we can forgive our hated enemies only after we punish them.

    Hosank condemns the usurious banking system that allows the international hyenas to rob the Fatherland by slowly bleeding our country dry and drowning our society in debt. Therefore, usury must be prohibited by the constitution and those who engage in any form of usury must be severely punished. The coming global economic collapse will allow us to get rid of the parasitic central bank and instead establish a national state bank that will not give our natural resources away due to the debt artificially forced upon us by the international banking elite. The creation of an Armenian National State Bank should be of upmost importance to all economists in the country. An economy and civilization that is based on loans and speculations, instead of hard and honest work, is doomed to failure. We must throw out the parasite usurers out of our “temple” the way Jesus did so 2000 years ago. Only then will we be able to nationalize our resources and our economy.

We reject the Zionist created capitalism and communism (Marxist socialism), which for us are two different sides of the same Jewish coin, both of which have the same goal; to enslave the hard-working decent man – the first through the means of capital, and the second through force. Communism, which artificially divides society into classes and turns them against each other, is not real socialism, but is rather a corrupted and defiled version of socialism which promises equal results for all, reducing successful, qualified and hardworking people to the level of the lazy and deadbeat ones. That is why all countries that have been infected with the communist disease suffer from unemployment and poverty on a mass scale. Let’s not forget also, that communism has caused more death and destruction than any other ideology in the world. We are ideologically and strictly anti-Communist and are strictly against any kind of pro- communist and pro-Soviet sentiments disguised with ‘nationalism’, considering it very dangerous for any true nationalist movement. The Racialist believes that world history is not a struggle between classes, but rather a struggle between races.

    In regard to capitalism, money or capital should only be considered as a means of exchange for the amount of work done and the accumulation of money should never be seen as an ultimate goal as we seen in many capitalist countries. That is what takes society to the epitome of greed and as we know very well, greed destroys everything. We are not against the wealthy at all and we do not believe that everyone can have an equal amount of wealth, but the nation-state must not allow greedy giant capitalists to change laws and corrupt the state with influential capital.

  Instead of these two corrupt systems, we support the National Socialist system, which is the true and natural version of socialism. It is not against private property and supports productive enterprise which is a means of providing something valuable to society. Unlike communism, National Socialism promises equal opportunities for all whilst trying to elevate people in distress to better conditions. In a National Socialist system, only hardworking people will progress in society and their work ethic will be appreciated, because in such a system diligence will be considered the highest virtue and the best way to bring about happiness. This gives us another one of our mottos; ‘Joy through work’. In such a system, the one who has given the most benefits to society with his hard work will have the highest rating in society, and not the one who has the most money or other forms of material wealth. Any dignified state must provide its population with free education and medicine without any distinction. The National Socialist ideals should not be considered distinct from Racialism, because Racialism already includes the principles of National Socialism.

If you are careless, thinking that when Armenia joins some globalist union, that we will “live well”, then you are sorely mistaken and deceived by enemy propaganda. They want us to hand over our sovereignty to any superpower without a fight, so that they can solve all our problems for us. But this will only makes our problems worse, because it violates the laws of nature. Without work, struggle and sacrifice, it is impossible to create a good and prosperous life for our present and future generations. If any politician does not preach this fundamental and axiomatic truth, then he is either a deceitful populist scoundrel, an agent, or both.

All healthy men should be able to find work without difficulty, in order to provide at least the minimal conditions for their families. Making quick money without any effort or any work should be considered one of the greatest sins, because there will be no place for parasitic freeloaders in the future Aryan society which we will create. That is why all music, shows and movies promoting the criminal subculture, which infects the youth with laziness and parasitism, should be banned entirely.

    In general, our future nation-state should be a shield against the international Jewish media, which confuses the minds and corrupts the souls of the people. The national state press can be a powerful weapon to educate the nation with truthful propaganda. This is absolutely necessary because if the nation-state does not educate and discipline its citizens, then their minds will be brainwashed by false and hostile propaganda. After all, there is no freedom without discipline just as there are no rights without responsibilities. Nothing great is easily obtained in this world of eternal struggle, therefore there can be no glory without sacrifice. Sacrifice, not of innocent and defenseless animals, but of our own temporary pleasures for the sake of an ultimate goal. That is the number one trait of the superman.

We realize how much the feminization of society has damaged masculinity and weakened many men who should be the leaders and defenders of our nation. We can restore the masculine spirit when the nation-state assumes the role of the father of the nation, trying to make all its citizens as independent and self-reliant as possible in all respects, and not be dependent on the state for every small matter. Citizens will be educated knowing that the inferior man argues about his rights, while the superior man imposes duties on himself. With such a mindset, a person will pursue greatness - not happiness, because the pursuit of greatness is what creates an influential life and brings long-lasting happiness.

As Racialists and proponents of National Socialism, we realize that no matter how much personal wealth we have, we cannot be truly happy in our country if a large part of the population lives in poverty. This does not mean that wealth of successful people should be taken by force and distributed “equally” to the unsuccessful, as is done in communist countries. All that is needed is for successful people to feel obligated to help their less fortunate brothers and sisters, but only those who first try to help themselves will deserve it. Anyone who does not make any effort to help himself is not worthy of the helping hand of his compatriot. It should be the responsibility of the state to create the means to deliver that aid and to encourage such actions. After all, the Racialist believes, that it is only in giving that we receive.

     We cannot create a developing economy and a strong state if we do not have industry, especially military industry. Surprisingly, almost no political organization or party speaks on this fundamental and important issue as almost all political analysts and economists believe the only way to develop Armenia's economy is to get foreign investment, which should be considered nonsense for any Armenian nationalist. Yes, foreign investment and tourism are positive things, but how can we keep our entire economy dependent on external circumstances? 

     This means that if the whole world is destroyed and only Armenia remains, we will starve to death. Investment and tourism should only have a supporting role and be considered only as a bonus for any economy and not as the fundamental factors driving that economy. We consider not raising this issue as a result of stupidity or a systematic conspiracy by all those who want to see Armenia as a country of lavash and apricots instead of a country with a powerful industry. 

     It is an indisputable truth that we cannot have a strong Armenia without a strong industry. So, starting with small steps we have to get to the point where everything is produced in Armenia, from the smallest construction tool to the largest modern technical weapons. Only in this way can we instill awareness in our people, in Armenia and in the diaspora, that Armenia is not only a country of tourism or investment, but also a country of where they can live, work, create and procreate. This is what will bring about the great repatriation. Repatriation is a necessity for our compatriots living in the diaspora who want to preserve their identity because Armenians are not a nomadic people like the Jews, but an Aryan nation like King Arshak – firmly attached to our Highlands, to our soil. When we have a large industry, people will automatically want to invest in our country without any persuasions. Powerful industry is what makes any country truly independent and sovereign and with the firm hand of the Armenian workers in our factories, we will once again become the builders of our own destiny.  

Of course, we cannot forget Armenian culture, which has the greatest role for the preservation of the Armenian identity, from which comes our wonderful art and divine language. Culture is reflection of the inner world and genetic quality of a nation. The level of the language and the art are objective indicators of the level of society, as they are the cornerstones of culture. Therefore, the nation-state must take a very important action: to cleanse Armenian art and language from all the disgusting foreign influences, to Armenianize everything in our society, from shop names to big factory brands. Let’s cleanse our culture so that we can respect and love it more. This of course, does not mean that we should reject the ideas of other Aryan nations, we should just nationalize what is accepted by taking what is useful, discarding what is not and adding what is exclusively our own.

     Most importantly we reject defeatism, weakness and feeblemindedness, which have kept our nation chained for centuries. We reject lies and understand that in this age of deception, speaking the truth and working truthfully have indeed become a revolutionary act. For us, it is important to be correct and NOT politically correct, because as we already mentioned, we have reached the most crucial time in our history – the danger of losing our statehood for good. Therefore, we must do everything and use every necessary means to raise our nation and to save the Fatherland, not caring at all about the opinion of those who want to destroy Armenia. Only with absolute truths can we be able to lighten up the world that is covered in darkness. 

    The symbol and flag of Hosank is the Armenian eternity symbol in black and white on a red background, with the spirals representing the galaxy and black and white representing the union of the two opposing forces in nature, without which, creation cannot be possible. The spin of the eternity symbol in essence symbolizes Hosank, which is the eternal movement of the race. The red represents the blood of the race, with which we are able to connect to the Creator and the creative process. The eternity symbol has 8 wings – 4 white, 4 black, because the number 8 is not only the most number in Armenian culture, but also a number of great significance in mathematics and science. The number 8 in mathematics is already the eternity symbol (∞). We live in a four dimensional reality (space and time), but our reality consists of the micro and macro worlds, with the combination of both giving us an eighth dimensional reality.

      The Creator is Infinite Consciousness – the soul of the Universe, and our soul is only a very small part of that Universal Consciousness. Thus, we can consider ourselves to be manifestations of the Creator, and the Aryan race being the greatest masterpiece of the Creator. We are soul with a body, not the other way around, and it is the deepest desire of each of our souls to connect our own life, which is just an instant in the lifespan of the Universe, with something greater than ourselves. Too much comfort and busyness in people’s lives during these modern times has cut people off from this very important idea. Everyone wants to live comfortably and well of course, but it is far more important to live a meaningful, productive and extraordinary life, because there is nothing more frightening than a purposeless existence. From this purposeless existence arises abhorrent alienation, hedonism, nihilism, atheism and materialism.

    We reject materialism, but we realize that we live in a material world so to speak, therefore acquiring material resources for the sake of the race must be one of the most important tasks of our lives. In other words, we do not consider it materialism if material possessions are obtained as a means to an end and not an end in itself. Instead of being spectators, we can all participate in the historical process. Whether we are a teacher, a policeman, a worker, a writer or a mother of many children, we can all contribute to the development of our civilization. Evil can win only when good and decent people remain on the sideline as spectators instead of participating on the field.

    Only by serving our everlasting and eternal race with a unique and transient life can we achieve immortality. That is the key to immortality and therefore for the sake of the race, we must live very productively because we cannot take anything with us in the afterlife, we can only leave something behind and that legacy must be our work towards the nation, and such work can only be virtuous and just.

But all this will fail if the blood of the race is not kept pure. The purer the blood of the race, the livelier the soul of the race and the greater the connection with the Creator. Therefore, one of our most important mottos is ‘Armenia for Armenians’. In the future Armenian state, only those who possess Armenian blood can be full citizens of Armenia, and all foreigners can stay in Armenia only as temporary guests. This, of course does not mean that we hate other nations, on the contrary as only by applying the principle of ‘one blood – one soil’ can we preserve the uniqueness of each nation, because multiculturalism destroys the diversity in nature created by the Creator. Good borders make good neighbors. We say that only by serving the nation can we serve humanity and condemn the false humanity that promotes ‘equality’ as in general, we find the concept of ‘equality’ ridiculous because there is almost no equality in the world and in nature. The propaganda of such false ideals is only to deceive and mislead people. We are not against the other White-Aryan minorities living in our homeland, but non-Whites should peacefully be deported from our country. Those who spread multicultural and miscegenation propaganda must also be severely punished. We have no intention or desire to convert Armenia into a Babylon. We do not need a slave class disguised as cheap labor because we have to build our country on our own by rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. We have to clean our sewers, take out our garbage, build our buildings, drive our trucks, pave our pavements and cultivate our lands without being dependent on other nations, as by not doing so we will enslave ourselves in the future.

    There are a few distinct races of mankind, and the most beautiful, most powerful and most creative of which is the White-Aryan race, whose scientific name is Armenoid (not the artificially created word “Caucasoid”). Our Armenian nation belongs to this White-Aryan race, which is a minority among all the other races of the world, and consists of genius scientists, explorers, warriors, artists, architects, philosophers and conquerors. There are almost 8 billion people in the world, of which only 500 million or so are White-Aryans and that number is declining due to low birth rates whilst the number of non-Whites domestically and globally continues to grow. The birth rate of the White-Aryan race is low, because international Zionism through all possible means promotes feminism, abortions, homosexuality, miscegenation, non- White immigration and other harmful ideals. If this continues, the 21 st century will not be ours as our Commander had believed, but our last century which will lead planet Earth to darkness. This is an objective fact which can be backed up with statistics. The international Zionists understand very well that if they rule and enslave the Aryan race, they will rule and enslave all of humanity. This is very crucial for us to understand if we want to look at the bigger picture as to why so many plots have been conspired against us. Not only us, but the whole Aryan race is targeted for extinction and just as an individual cannot escape the destiny of his nation, so too a nation cannot escape from the destiny of his race.

The destiny of our nation and the whole White-Aryan race is intertwined, that is why the long term goal of Hosank is to create a pan-Aryan union to oppose international Zionism and Pan-Turkism, because a true alliance can be based only on common racial interests.

     Unfortunately, over the centuries, as a result of not having statehood and being in continuous contact with many non-White tribes and hordes, the genetic quality of our nation has greatly deteriorated. The technological age and ideological ills such as feminism have also contributed to this deterioration. Feminism has not ‘liberated’ women as the lying international Zionist press has us believe, but rather has enslaved and misled them from their most natural instinct of motherhood. Those who preach gender equality don’t care at all about women and femininity. Men do the tedious, hard and dangerous work so our beloved mothers, sisters and wives stay away from such jobs. There isn’t anything more sacred than motherhood because the life of our nation starts from the wombs of our women. Without supporting motherhood we cannot secure an existence for our future generations. Naturally, this means that men must also become fathers and the bachelor lifestyle must be condemned.  

    It is a necessity through the means of eugenics to improve our genetic quality and purify our blood and from this comes the principle that having children is not a right, but a privilege. Without implementing the principles of eugenics, our nation and in general the whole Aryan race will decline, and already is going towards a demographic disaster. One of the most important goals of the state should be to ensure the long-term increase of the birth rate. This means that the nation-state must do everything possible to financially support healthy couples and encourage them to have at least four children. The women who have more than four children should be glorified by the national state press and considered as heroes by the state. Without a strong and healthy family there can be no strong and healthy society, because the family is the nucleus of any society.

    According to eugenics and our opinion, the mentally handicapped and other defective people should be sterilized. Many will consider this ‘extreme’, but our country has fallen to these extreme circumstances, because the principles of eugenics haven’t been applied and not only have such individuals not been sterilized but have also been given the right to vote. This is one of the reasons as to why we have such a degenerate government today, because every people eventually deserves the government they end up with. In general participating in elections should also be a privilege and not a right. If there are elections in the future, not everyone should be able to participate and not everyone’s votes should be counted equally. It is not just to equate the vote of a scientist or a military officer with the vote of a criminal or an idiot couch-potato. Every harvest has bad fruit, but it is necessary for the state to keep that ‘harvest’ free from those bad ‘fruit’ as much as possible. We cannot create the above mentioned meritocracy we want without the serious application of the principles of eugenics.   

The purity of the blood is a necessity, but without soil i.e., the state and the Fatherland, the nation cannot dictate its will in this world, that is why a patriot must be a nationalist and a nationalist must be a patriot. Every inch of land for us cannot be replaced even with tons of gold. There is no greater wealth on this planet than soil. Every citizen should be conscious of the fact, that his house is not limited to his four walls, but rather to the borders of the Fatherland and that every tree, river, mountain or lake is a part of his house. Only with such an awareness will he know that his house starts from every outpost on the border and he is obligated to defend them as if he was to defend his own private house. Going to the front line in times of danger should be considered a duty, not heroism. With this mindset, the catastrophic and divisive provincial patriotism in our nation can be destroyed for good.

    The state, as an object of supreme value for every citizen, is the link between the nation and the Fatherland. The state is obliged to serve the nation and advance the interests of the Fatherland. The state is a vessel whose content is the nation; that vessel can have a purpose only if it preserves and protects the content inside. Thus, our holy trinity: nation, fatherland, state.

     All this must be taken-into-account in all our negotiations and future decisions. All of our culture, science, thoughts, actions and steps should serve the purpose of empowering the race. All these are preconditions needed to create a healthy and progressive society, which will consist of responsible, dutiful, hardworking, noble, healthy and racially pure citizens. We must create a new man, a new state, a new society, a new civilization and the seeds of that glorious future must be sown right now. 

     Our ideas and our movement are eternal like our symbol and by having such ideas and an unconquerable flag, in this struggle we have not set our eyes on next year or the next elections or even the next decade but on eternity. In this fatal struggle, there are only two possible outcomes: either the enemy passes over our body, or we will pass over theirs. Everything comes full circle: Vahagn will slay the dragon and Hayk will defeat Bel. Instead of flipping through the last page of our history, it is time to open a new golden chapter by once again assuming the role of the leading Aryan nation for justice and freedom.   


We have long understood that we cannot cure the ills of our society only through ballots, reforms or conservative measures which only serve to maintain the current status quo. Only a revolution of consciousness based on racial values ​​can bring us back on our feet. Extreme times require radical measures; our fundamental ideas and principles cannot be compromised. The Aryan tide is on the horizon and without a doubt, we say that only Armenia can start the spark of the coming Aryan millennium which will spread like wildfire to other Aryan countries. This whole fraudulent system our enemies have put together is nothing but a house of cards built on lies that can be taken down by just one big breath.

    We believe that Armenia will become the center of rebirth for civilization and the salvation of humanity. We believe that Armenia will once again become a junction of civilizational roads connecting West and East, North and South. We believe that Armenia will become one of the most powerful countries of not only this region, but the entire world, with which everyone will have to take into account. Due to Armenia being the cradle of Aryan civilization, we believe in this sacred and historical mission given to us by the Creator of the Universe.

      In reality, Hosank represents a very dangerous idea for globalization and modern-day Babylon – a truly free and independent Armenia. We cannot abandon this idea, no matter how many obstacles we face. We must be spiritually ready to destroy all of them and neutralize all the attackers against us. Our challenges are innumerable, and we must do the impossible and to do that we must use all the “weapons” from our arsenal: loyalty, determination, courage, devotion and hard work. If those “weapons” don’t suffice, then we will compensate with willpower.

     We are confident in our victory, because there is no force more powerful in this world than an idea whose time has come. As unimaginable as these goals seem at the moment, nevertheless they should be our ultimate vision for the future, from which we have no right to deviate, because our purpose is the Creators purpose.


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