Our Struggle

After a lot of hard work Hosank's Manifesto "Our Struggle - A Manifesto For A New Era" is finally ready in Armenian and English.

Writing, revising, proofreading and preparing this Manifesto in Armenian and English took approximately 4 months. It took 4 months, but it contains 20 years of thoughts that have been boiling inside me for years: as a Diasporan Armenian, as a scholar, as a repatriate, as an ordinary soldier, as a volunteer participant in the war, and in the last year and a half, as a politician. I write this as a person completely outside the system, who hasn't only preached his ideas, but has lived by them. 

A Manifesto for a new era was written and published with the aim of putting Armenian nationalists, especially the youth, on the same ideological platform, uniting them under the banner of eternity, so that together as one body, shoulder to shoulder, we can move forward. With the blessing of Nzhdeh's spirit we will bring his ideas back to life in the 21st century, continue the path he laid forth for us and create a Racialist State based on Aryan ideas, which is the only way to have a flourishing economy, a prosperous society, and a victorious army.

Download it, read it and share it!

- Hayk Nazaryan

   June 21, 2023


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