About Us

     Hosank is the only tribal religious political movement in Armenia, which revives the ideas of racialism and brings them to the political field in the 21st century. Hosank is based solely on Armenian Aryan ideas and is not supported or funded by any cult, foreign agency, or oligarch. With modest and limited resources, it aims to become a serious political movement in Armenia. By establishing order in this chaotic situation, the objective is a current of unity for the long divided Armenian Nation. Only in this way can we put Armenian nationalists, especially the youth, on the same ideological platform, uniting them under the banner of eternity, so that together as one body, shoulder to shoulder, we can move forward and realize our dream.

     Hosank, with the blessing of Nzhdeh's spirit, strives to turn Racialism into a powerful movement and gain power by legal means in order to build a Racialist State based on Aryan ideas, which is the only way to have a flourishing economy, a prosperous society, and a victorious army. We are sure of our victory because there is no force more powerful in this world than an idea whose time has come.

About the Founder and Leader of Hosank

     Hayk Nazaryan was born on May 12, 1989 in California, USA. He is the
youngest of four children in the family. In 2015, he received a master's degree
in physics from California State University and taught there for three years.
Always feeling deep in his heart that America aka modern Babylon is not his
country and inspired by the April Four Day War, in November 2016 he decided to
leave the States with a one-way ticket for permanent residence in the
Fatherland. In order to gain military experience, he served on a contract basis
in the front-line positions of Tavush. As a volunteer he participated from
beginning to the end during the 44-day war in the Martakert region of Artsakh.

     He has maintained the integrity of his worldview for more than 20 years,
and being faithful to his ideas and the truth, he never became a member of any
political party. He never changed political camps and did not flatter anyone to
advance his political career. Furious at the traitors and internal enemies
operating in Armenia and disappointed by the senseless and meaningless
political upheavals. He returned from the frontlines and decided to found
Hosank in 2021, the only Racialist political movement in Armenia, which revives
Nzdeh's Racialist ideas and brings them to the political arena in the 21st



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